Juicing Recipes for Maximum Health

I know you think making fresh juice is time-consuming, but we hope to convince you of the powerful benefits of juicing not only for maximum wellness, but as a crucial component in overcoming illness. If it was that difficult, would you be reading juicing recipes on your Healthy Girlfriend's site? Let's get started with the phenomenal benefits of juicing vegetables and then we'll include some juicing recipes. As always, we've got some time-saving tips to help you get started.

The Incredible Benefits of Fresh Juice

It's not groundbreaking news that vegetables are super-healthy. The government is now recommending we consume 9 servings of colorful vegetables daily. Juicing makes it easy to get that minimum and more. Vegetables not only contain necessary vitamins and minerals, but they also have exceptional phytonutrients that are only just being discovered. When you eat veggies raw, you are getting these micronutrients plus enzymes that would mostly be lost in cooking.

When you make fresh juices from a wide variety of colorful veggies, you are taking in a powerhouse of healing substances. People have overcome serious illnesses by simply going on a extended juice cleanse. It is very difficult to consume that kind of healing nutrition by eating a single daily salad. Juicing provides a way to far surpass the bare minimum of 9 servings a day.

When following a detox diet, juicing helps you get in a ton of veggies, especially those that you may find objectionable in smoothies. You may also get tired of salads during a cleanse. Yes, juicing does remove the fiber, but you already get more fiber than most folks with all the green smoothies on your cleanse.

Plus, juicing makes you feel incredible. Fresh veggie juices should be a component of any healthy diet even if you don't juice every day. You don't have to wait for a detox to get started. There are tons of free recipes online.

If you're still not convinced, the internet is bursting with personal stories of the benefits of juicing. Weight loss, health rejuvenation, healing from terminal illness, and relief from fatigue are some of the common success stories you will find.While you're browsing, be sure to check out Norman Walker, who started the juicing trend. By the way, Walker lived to the ripe age of 99!

So which juicer do we recommend? Depends. We started with a Consumer Reports highly-rated Black and Decker centrifigul juicer back when we weren't sure juicing would become a habit. The B&D was inexpensive, easy to use and clean, and lasted us for 3 years before it gave up the ghost. The downside was that it didn't extract as much juice (nutrition) as better quality juicers and it probably warmed up the juice more than it should've. We also couldn't juice greens worth a darn. Problems aside, it got us into the habit and when it died, we were more than ready to upgrade to an Omega. The Omega is a slow-juicer, which means that the nutrition from the produce is maximized. It will also juice greens effectively. We pull up a whole dandelion from the yard (don't do this if you use pesticides,) roots and all, and feed it to the Omega with no difficulty. It's super-easy to clean as well. Enough of this, you'll just have to read the Amazon reviews to find a juicer to suit your needs. Let's get on to the juicing recipes.

Some Juicing Recipes to (hopefully) Get You Hooked

Classic Carrot Apple Ginger Juice  

6 carrots  ~  1 Granny Smith Apple  ~  1/2" slice of ginger root  ~  handful of greens*    

Clean and slice up all ingredients so they fit down the feed tube of the juicer. Alternate the firmer carrots with the softer apple, ginger and greens to make it easier. *To save time, stir in some high-quality green powder, such as Macro Greens into your finished glass of juice.

The wallop of beta-carotene you get from the Classic Carrot is best utilized by the body if you consume some healthy fat with it. Stir in a teaspoon of ground flax seed or nibble on a slice of avocado while you sip. 

*you don't have to juice any greens if you don't want to, but it is an easy way to ingest more leafy greens than you normally would...and that's a good thing.

Ultimate Urinary Cleanser

1/4 of a green cabbage  ~  2 C watermelon  ~  1/2 C fresh or frozen cranberries (unsweetened)  ~  1 slice unpeeled organic lemon  ~ handful of spinach or kale  ~ bladder support herbal tincture of choice

As with all juicing recipes, clean and slice fruits and veggies so they will fit through the feed tube. You may find that you need to alternate the softer watermelon and greens with the firmer cabbage to get the soft fruits through effectively. 

If you have a urinary tract infection, you'll want to make the UUC at least 2-3 times a day and stir in an herbal tincture for bladder infections each time. Commonly available tinctures will contain a combination of some or all of these herbs: uva ursi, goldenseal, Oregon grape, parsley, horsetail, and dandelion. (Btw, pregnant or lactating women should not use uva ursi, goldenseal or Oregon grape.) Drink lots of water, and eat watermelon (a diuretic) through the day. 

Another good supplement for UTI that gets rave reviews is D-Mannose, the type of sugar found in cranberries that prevents e. coli bacteria from sticking to bladder walls. It will prevent as well as treat infections. The standard dose is 500 mg. every 2 or 3 hours.

By the way, cabbage juice is also surprisingly effective as a stomach ulcer remedy. Look here for the proof.

Time Saving Tips and Tricks for Juicing

Prepping for my beet-cabbage-carrot juicing recipe. I had everything in a ziploc bag, and chopped right before juicing.

  • Prep your veggies ahead of time: clean them in produce wash and cut them into appropriate-sized pieces for the feed tube. Trim off lemon peel. Cut off the watermelon rind and chop up flesh. Do not cut up the apple until ready to use because they oxidize quickly. Store everything in the refrigerator and take out as needed over the next 2-3 days.
  • Do all your prep work on the weekend and put the veggies in individual ziploc bags. When you're ready to juice during the week, grab a bag with the perfect amount of produce.
  • Rinse off juicer parts in warm running water as soon as you're done juicing. Only the really messy parts  will need a bit of soap and a quick brushing. This takes only 5 minutes! Let them drain in the sink or on a towel on the counter.
  • If you don't have time to rinse or wash, put all the parts in a sinful of warm, soapy water. You can simply rinse them off when you get home. 
  • Adjust the amounts to suit your taste and use the produce you have on hand. You don't need to follow a specific juicing recipe.

Beet-Cabbage-Carrot Juice is great for your bladder and colon. I added Macro Greens Powder to save time.

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