Natural Remedies
and Healthy Living Tips for Busy People

Nutrition is both our prevention and our first line of defense when ill. Blueberries are the king of medicinal foods.

Looking for natural remedies for common complaints? Healthy diet and living tips you can fit into your busy life? Maybe you're tired and frustrated with the pharmaceutical approach to health and healing. Welcome to iHealthy Girlfriend where we strive to give you the information you need to get well and stay healthy.  

We believe that natural remedies are almost always preferable to pharmaceutical intervention and we aim to bring you the best options that work for your busy lifestyle. We at Healthy Girlfriend are busy, too. That's how we know you can fit these practices into your hectic schedule. You'll find lots of useful, usable information on healthy diets, weight loss, energy boosting, efficient exercise, and natural remedies for a wide range of common problems. 

Empower Yourself
with Natural Remedies and Current Information

Maybe you've tried all the traditional routes such as going to the doctor and taking pharmaceuticals  to help with fatigue, chronic sinus issues, migraines, muscle aches and joint pain, mood, allergies, or digestive problems. We did. Some things helped with symptom relief, others did nothing and still other methods had side effects that were so bothersome that it wasn't worth it. 

When we began to experiment with natural remedies, we found that many were effective yet too time-consuming to fit into the busy day. Nevertheless, when we took charge of our own health and addressed the cause of our problems, we made a little extra time (less t.v!) and everything improved. We invite you to do the same. Whether you have health concerns, a chronic feeling of stress or unwellness, or simply a desire for you and your family to eat healthy, your Healthy Girlfriend can help!

Diet and Health

Did you know that most of the widely-accepted conventional wisdom about diet and health is wrong? Much of mainstream health information is outdated, misinterpreted, and is based on flawed scientific studies. This is particularly true in the field of nutrition. 

By trial and error, we here at Healthy Girlfriend follow and recommend a plant-based diet, that is, a lifestyle with a focus on fruits, vegetables, and whole grains with limited amounts of lean animal foods if you feel you need them. We do want to affirm that we are against conventionally raised animal feedlot operations (CAFOs) for health and ethical reasons and suggest that those who still want to consume occasional animal products only choose grass-fed, pasture-raised, or wild. 

Dan Buettner's Blue Zone Project show that the worlds' longest-lived cultures such as the Okinawans,Sardinians, and the Ikarians of Greece base their diets on plant foods with sparing use of animal foods. Of course, healthy diet is only one facet of the centenarians he studied. Other important features of these cultures is their low-stress lifestyle and the positive focus on family and community.

Our best advice here is to explore plant-based, vegetarian or vegan, even raw food, and see how you feel overall after eating one month of clean foods. (Cravings are misleading, and rarely are a clue that you are missing nutrients. They are most often have an emotional is psychological addictive!) Even if you're not ready to explore veganism, you can easily start including smoothies, juices, and bigger salads in your day. Or you may want to kick things off with a cleanse to usher in a new commitment to eating a whole foods diet. 

A whole foods diet, one that includes fruit, vegetables, and whole grains is a crucial step toward rebuilding health. Eliminating packaged "non-foods" full of preservatives, chemical enhancers and processed sugar is a must. You can't get truly healthy and still ingest garbage disguised as food.

After diet improvement, you may want to explore temporary supplements (we prefer minimal supplementation whenever possible) and herbal and homeopathic natural remedies to address problem areas such as pain, fatigue, digestion problems, and allergies (see our table of contents on the left.) However, some people find that when they experiment with an elimination diet and remove offending foods such as wheat and dairy, these problems go away. Yes; your diet is that important and why it is always the first step in the healing process!

Natural treatments begin with herbs, nature's pharmacy

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